Dyne 38 Test Pens

The Printec Test Ink Pen (corona pen) was developed to test and control the surface engergy (surface tension) of plastic films in the printing, converting and packaging industry. Quality assurance managers in the label printing industry need a tool to eleminate ink related production problems

corona, plasma, primer, flame pre-treatment results

Dyne 38 Test Pen for pre-treatment testing

Dyne 38 test pen

For quality assurance with poly films. The Dyne Pen method is used by an operator to check the treatment level of a substrate prior to printing. The pen is pulled across the web in a straight line. As the pen is drawn across the web, the operator is looking to see that the solid red line does not break for two or three seconds. This is a quick method to show the operator which side is treated.

It is recomended that film extruders test extensively with Dyne Test pens.